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"But I can't foster..."  Don't worry, we can always use foster homes, but there are PLENTY of other ways to help!

  • fostering - we foster dogs from shelters, or dogs whose previous owners could no longer keep them (we work with both purebred and mixed breed dogs)

  • training and socialization - all foster dogs are kept in the private homes of our volunteers where they receive basic training and socialization to prepare them for adoption

  • working with shelters - we check many shelters within our area weekly for northern breed dogs in need

  • helping owners to rehome their northern breed dogs, and providing information on low cost spay, neuter and vaccine clinics

  • providing behavior help to owners who need advice with their northern breed dogs

  • adoptions - we check adoption applications, check references for adoption applicants, and schedule adoptions for approved applicants

  • fundraising - we look for fundraising programs and opportunities

  • public events and education - we attend many public events each year to educate the public about northern breed dogs, raise awareness of our organization and responsible dog ownership, and get our foster dogs out in public to be seen

  • we also work with other rescues to save dogs as needed - transport, sending out emails about dogs in need, helping with temperament evaluations, home checks, etc.

  • Keep in touch with adopters to follow up on adopted dogs


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