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VOLUNTEER in 2023!!

We need fosters and volunteers

We are looking for fosters in Eastern and Mid PA, MD, NJ and DE.  We foster in our homes to allow fosters the opportunity to learn to be part of a family.  If you can't adopt at this time, being a foster opens up space for another northern breed dog to be saved.

The rescue covers medical expenses while the foster family typically provides food (which may be written off as a charitable deduction) unless a special diet is required, in which case the rescue would pay for prescription food.

In case you need a reason to foster, here are so great points

  • You can watch fosters blossom 

  • You could be saving a life

  • You may be giving shelters more room 

  • You provide medical care they may not otherwise get

  • You would be spaying and neutering

  • You can teach fosters new skills

  • You might just find the next addition to your family (AKA  foster failure)

​There are so many ways you can become active in a volunteer organization and donate a few hours per month! Every little bit helps change the lives of the dogs we rescue!

1. Fostering

2. Checking applications

3. Fundraising

4. Looking for event in MD PA and DE

5. Attending events

6. Helping with the website/petfinder/social media

7. Administrative tasks

Head over to our Volunteer Tab and fill out a volunteer application! We will contact you and fill you in on all the details related to fostering and set you up with a mentor.

Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets!
If you are in the PA area and need a low/cost clinic, check out No Nonsense Neutering!
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