Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meet Zeva!

Zeva is an almost 4 1/2 year old Alaskan Malamute. She is a rescued puppy mill dog who is learning a new way of life living indoors! Zeva is dog friendly and will be up for adoption soon! In just 24 hours, Zeva has made progress and is coming out of her shell! We can't wait to teach her new things and get to know her!

1/15/2017 Update: Zeva enjoys the quiet and safety of the crate and seems like a very easy dog to crate train. Zeva also loves laying out in the snow and going for walks, where she looks (and I'm sure feels) more confident (check out the pics below of her with her tail up!)! Zeva has met large dogs walking and on the trail and her tail is up and wagging. We are unsure how she is with smaller animals. She did great at the vet and allowed them to give her shots and take blood. Lots of things are new to her, so she will need an owner with the patience to teach her how to live like a spoiled dog. Although she has faced a lot of fears, we have not seen any aggression from her. She needs to be picked up and put in the car, but will jump out on her own.  She is picky about treats and will nudge them away with her nose if she doesn't want them. Stay tuned for information on Zeva!

Day 1, lots of bathing and lots of grooming!

Day 1 after lots of grooming and patience!

Day 2, at the vet! I was the perfect patient!

Day 3, a snowy hike for this snow dog!

Day 3, I'm getting much better in the car, especially when I'm tired!