Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ulysses Update

Have you always wanted a Husky but heard how much work they can be?
Meet Ulysses, he's not your typical husky!
This 5 year young pup loves sleeping all day long, curled up by your feet!
That's not to say he won't go for a nice walk or two though, because he loves walks too.
Ulysses has a condition called EPI, which means his body has trouble absorbing nutrients.
But don't worry, we got him healthy and back up to normal weight - he will just need an enzyme powder sprinkled on his meals before eating - it's that easy smile emoticon
He has some separation anxiety as well, but continues to show improvement each and every day - with a little more training and patience, we think that will go away too.
He does well with other dogs, but doesn't like to play TOO much. 
He loves car rides, belly rubs, kisses, 'giving paw', sleeping, and just being a great dog.
A good household for Ulysses would be one where someone is home most of the time, and can give him plenty of rubs and kisses.
Being an 'older' dog with health issues can make it tough for such a great dog like Ulysses to get adopted, but we know there's someone out there that will give this great dog the perfect life he deserves.