Sunday, January 31, 2016

Foster Dog Update 1/31/2016

Marley has been adopted!!

Indii has been adopted!!

We have a few new recent fosters who are both under veterinary care at the moment and are not yet available for adoption:

Falcon - He is a young male who was surrendered to us due to throat/GI issues. He is currently seeing a specialist to diagnose and treat his condition. We will keep everyone updated on his progress. But, as you can see this does not stop him from having a good time in the snow!
Falcon enjoying the snow

Ulysses - He is new to foster care and just arrived. He will be under veterinary care until we can get his weight back up and GI issues managed. He is a nice sweet guy as well!
Ulysses enjoying the space to run and the snow
But, everyone needs a break from the snow!
Stay tuned for updates on our most recent fosters!!