Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lucie Update 2.22.2015

Thank you to everyone who has been following Lucie's progress and offering her words of encouragement!! Lucie has been here for 5 weeks now and she is making wonderful progress. When she first came to us she was extremely shy, skiddish, she barely moved, she was fearful of people, her fur was thin, and she looked very sad. Lucie has been fed a well balanced diet, thanks to our generous donors at #FreshPet and her fur is plush and full. Huskies have soft fur, but her fur is extra soft! She is approaching people and other dogs now. She started by licking peoples hands, now she is giving kisses! Sudden movements still seem to scare her, and she is going to need an owner who can be patient and calm with her. She is learning commands and responds well when redirected. Lucie is enrolled in Basic Obedience with our friends from Passion For Paws in Northampton, PA. She has 4 more weeks of training to go! There is still some work that needs to be done with crate training, as she doesn't have that all figured out yet! She seems to like the crate now, especially because she gets treats for going in there. As you can see from the picture below, she loves walking with her pack friends! She also is loving all this snow and likes to lay and roll around in it. We will try to get a video of how wiggly and excited Lucie gets when she sees the leash. She puts her ears back and wags her tail, and sits when her leash is being put on. She really has been making remarkable progress and we are happy to help her along her journey. But, the foster home is not the final destination, so we are taking applications for Lucie. If you think you could give Lucie a calm and stable home, preferable without cats, as she may harm small animals, please fill out an application for her. Lucie is 5 1/2 years old and is low-moderate energy. She loves to play with other dogs, and seems to be more confident when other dogs are around, so we would prefer she has a canine companion. Also, Lucie is still a bit timid, and may not do well around small children. She has not displayed any aggression, however, she does not like sudden movements or loud noises. She was last in heat 3 weeks ago, so we will wait a bit longer to spay her. Otherwise, she is healthy is up to date on shots. Heartworm and Lyme negative. Stay tuned for more updates!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Update on Lucie Feb 1, 2015

Lucie patiently waiting for pets ! LV Pet Expo, 1/31/15
Lucie, new foster, is waiting patiently to meet new people at the Pet Expo! She has been with us for about 2 weeks now. She is a 5 1/2 year old female, who is UTD on shots, heartworm and lyme negative, and will be spayed prior to adoption. She loves going out for walks, and her tail is always curled up and bouncing around! She is a shy, timid husky, due to poor socialization and being confined to a kennel for most of her life. She is working on learning the rules of living indoors, including potty training. She is working on crate training, and has some good days, and some bad days in the crate. Some days she goes in there voluntarily and lays down, other days she howls while in the crate. She is a vocal little girl who has, on many occasions, pranced around the yard howling! She is making progress everyday, and learning that humans are a great source of pets and chin scratches! She is friendly and interested in other dogs, any size. She is playful with the two male huskies in her foster home. Due to her timid nature, she would enjoy a quiet and calm home, possibly with another dog! We do not think she is cat friendly. She is currently being fostered in Lehigh Valley, PA. She will start training Feb 7th, 2015 with our wonderful trainers from Passion For Paws! Stay tuned for more updates on Lucie's progress!
Lucie at the Lehigh Valley Pet Expo on 1/31/15 
Lucie in "the show ring" helping to educate
the public on the Husky Breed. 1/31/15
Lucie was worn out at the end of the day from
all the attention she received! 1/31/15