Thursday, December 17, 2015

Indii- 8yo Female Husky-- Up for Adoption-- Updated photos

December 17, 2015

Indii is an 8yo female Siberian Husky who is looking for a home. She is a well mannered calm husky. She has a petite frame, fluffy coat, and weighs 40lbs. She is dog friendly, but does tend to boss other dogs around including an 80lb Shepherd. She does have some resource guarding with toys and rawhides if another dog approaches, but if fine if humans take the object. She plays well with other dogs. Indii is low energy and loves to walk. She does not like to run. She has some arthritis in one knee and the vet recommends daily low-impact exercise (walking). We've been told Indii is cat friendly, however, we will test this out ourselves. She rides great in the car and seems to enjoy being around her human. Indii is UTD on shots but will need to be spayed. She was just in heat so she is unable to be spayed at the moment. She just had blood work taken today and we will update those results when we have them. Indii would do well with a first time husky owner or a family who is looking for a calm companion. She is being fostered in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Indii out for a walk, strutting her stuff and enjoying the outdoor time. 

Indii and resident dog spending some time together in the yard.

Indii stealing the resident dogs bed and claiming it as her own.

Indii pondering life as she enjoys a ride in the car

Indii at the vet's office

Indii is waiting patiently at the door to leave the vet's office. 12.17.15