Thursday, May 7, 2015

Welcome Izzy!

Meet Izzy!!
Izzy is the foster that came to the rescue 3 weeks ago. She is being fostered in Lehigh Valley, PA. She is 18 months old, is spayed and up to date on shots.  She is a high energy girl who loves to walk and run. She is very friendly, knows some basic commands, sits, shakes hands/paws, can catch treats.  She allows me to go into her food dish, take bones from her, and has shown no aggression towards me. She is kid-friendly but due to her high energy, it's recommended that she be around older kids as she is currently working on breaking her jumping-on-people habit. She is house trained and has shown no issues in that area. She can be a counter surfer, but I have a pair of those so I know how to handle that - don't leave anything on the counter! She is kid friendly, she went nose to nose with Lindsay's cat in an accidental meeting with no issues, although I hustled her away quickly. I think she will be adoptable very quickly to an educated dog owner, especially one who likes to walk or run. The attached sleeping beauty shows that a tired husky IS a good husky! 

Recharging her batteries, and she will be ready to go again soon!
Izzy's sweet face!