Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sheba- more pictures

Here is Sheba flaunting her beautiful blue eyes. Behind those baby blues is a very sweet young husky looking for a nice home! 
Here's what happened when she got a little TLC, daily exercise, and 3 helpings of FreshPet per day... Sheba is lean and fit! Next hurdle.. Heartworm treatments! Round 1 begins tomorrow. Wish her luck! #huskyrescue #freshpet #hthnbr

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cody Update 11/11/2014

Here's an update from Cody's foster family: "Cody is very quiet, gentle dog that lived outside for five years until he was brought into rescue. He didn't know his name when we got him; he has since learned his name.  He loves walks and going for rides. He is crate trained.  He is not motivated by food, but he loves his kisses and hugs playing with toys. He loves attention and howls when he has something to tell you. He gets along well with other dogs and loves visitors that come to the house.  Cody is being treated for Cushing - he is on a low dosage of treatment given once a day at mealtime; the costs are less than we had expected.

He would make a great pet for someone who will give him attention and love. He’ll certainly reciprocate in spades!"

He gets along well with the other dog in his foster home, He loves running in the yard with us and his foster sister. He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home and all the dogs at the dog park. Cody is being fostered in the Maryland/DC area!

Daisy Mae - Up for adoption!

Meet Daisy Mae! She spent the last 8 weeks raising 6 puppies, and she was a great mommy! But, this gal needs a break. This was her second litter, and she's 2 years old. Daisy is looking for the easy life now! She wants to be able to go for walks every day, and hang out with her forever family. Her foster family reports that she is a wonderful husky, and obviously beautiful. Daisy would do best in a home without cats or small dogs. She's currently undergoing treatment for Lyme's Disease, and needs to pack on some extra pounds yet. Being a mother of 6 puppies really drained her! She was saved, along with her puppies, from being euthanized. She is ready for another chance at life with a family who will love her as much as she loves them! If you're interested in Daisy, please fill out an application for her! She is being fostered in the Pocono/Lehigh Valley, PA area!

Daisy and her puppies are up for adoption!

Meet Daisy's puppies! These little guys are allegedly Husky x Catahoula mix puppies (according to the kill shelter they were pulled from), but whatever they are, they are 100% cute and socialable little puppies! There are 6 puppies, 5 females and 1 male. If you're interested in a puppy, please fill out an application for them! Please keep in mind, qualified applicants have their current pets up to date on shots (either through a vet or clinic), have a safe environment for the puppies to live in (these dogs cannot be off leash!), and are willing to give them the exercise and attention they will require!! Afterall, Huskies are a working breed! They love running around, outdoor activities like hiking and running, and a good husky is a tired husky!

Wizard Update 11/11/2014

Wonderful Wizard is still looking for his forever home. He has been working very hard on his behavioral issues and his foster family reports that he is doing wonderful. Wizard is a high energy young husky who was found as a stray and taken to the shelter. He was taken from the shelter and placed into a foster home where he has been working on manners and socialization. He is still a young husky who is going to need a family who can continue with his behavior regimen! Wizard would do well in a home without small children. He's a very lovable and loyal husky who is goofy and spunky, and has a lot of character! Wizard is being fostered in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. If you think Wizard would make a great addition to your family, please fill out an adoption application for him!

Sheba Update 11/11/214

Sheba continues to gain weight after feeding and raising her 4 puppies! Sheba's 4 puppies have all been adopted out to great homes! Sheba has been able to continue to see and play with some of her puppies after they were adopted out! She has as much puppy energy as they do! Check out the video of her playing with her puppy, Sage! Also, Sheba LOVES squeaky toys and seems to entertain herself while in the back yard! Sheba is going on 2 years old and still needs to be spayed and complete her medical treatments for heart worm. She is currently in the midst of this process, but she is still looking for her forever home! Sheba would do great in a home with another dog to play with, and an active family who can commit to walking/running her daily. Sheba is HIGH ENERGY and very lovable. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is crate trained, but can be trusted alone in the house. She has a high prey drive, so it is not recommended that she is in a home with small animals likes cats and bunnies. She is a talkative little girl, and has a small husky frame. She will likely max out at 40lbs. She is currently 33lbs. If you're interested in Sheba, or are able to help with the vet bills for her heartworm treatment (which are well over $1k), please fill out an adoption application and check out how to donate via PayPal! If you have any questions about Sheba, please email her foster home: