Friday, December 5, 2014

Foster Dog Update 12-5-2014

The Puppies
We are very excited to report that Tonka, the only male of the litter, has been adopted by his foster family! His sister, Talula, who he was fostered with, has also been adopted! Tink is currently on a sleepover, and Thora and Talla have pending adoptions! Tasha is hopeful she will have a home soon too! UPDATE 1/18/2015: All the puppies have found forever homes!!

Sheba, the wonderful mother of our previous litter of puppies, is going on a sleepover this weekend with a potential adoptive family! She has one more round of heartworm treatment to go, and is doing so well! She is gaining weight, and looks great! UPDATE 1/18/2015: Sheba has been adopted and is now Heart worm free! The hearworm treatment worked and she is healthy!

Meiko has been adopted as well! This guy was in the rescue for well over a year, and finally has a permanent place he can call home!

Daisy Mae, the mother of the T-puppies, is still looking for a home! UPDATE: 1/18/2015 Daisy Mae has been adopted!
Daisy Mae after the first snow storm of the year!

We are so grateful so many families have submitted applications for our foster dogs and puppies! Thank you very much for supporting our rescue!