Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Poem from a Foster Home

This was beautifully written by Jeff, one of our fosters....
Jeff and Diane's foster, Cody

I want to write something about all the things that you do
and not just for me but all are rescues to.
You do so much to make them feel at home
and let them know they are not alone.
We take them in at their time of need
making feel like they had just been freed.
You make me love them as much as you do
even when they chew my shoe.
We only have them for a little while
and the ones who stay longer still make us smile.
They have all touched our hearts in more ways than one
and they have all had their way of making our lives fun.
All that you do for them I know is out of love and I know it is hard sometimes when I don't give you the help you need
especially when you want to sit down and read.
All the rescues that have been in our life
have you to thank for finding them a forever home and a happy life.